First Day of School (My hardest day as a mom)

because prompts are funI joined Tales from the Nursery and iNeed a Playdate for a new weekly feature, writing prompts. I am new to this, but really like the idea. Each week there is a theme, and a few choices to get the ball rolling. You write about the theme and share it with all the others who choose to join.

This week’s word: Hard

Prompt Choices:
Hardest day as a mom.
Hardest thing about blogging.
Hardest class you ever took.

I picked to share about my hardest day as a mom otherwise called “My Son’s The First Day of School”.

I know you are thinking..everyone has a hard time the first day their child goes to school. Mine was a little different.

My son was a very late talker. He did not speak until he was 2 1/2 years old (and has not stopped talking ever since!), and we were in First Steps (Developmental/Speech/Occupational therapies every week) but he was turning 3 and then you are part of the school corporation.

He had to go to Developmental Preschool to continue to get his therapies. This was 2 weeks after he turned 3 years old, and he had to ride a bus there. It was only 5 minutes away, but the teachers found it was an easier separation if they came to school instead of being dropped off.

So here he was going to school for a couple hours a day, three days a week with hardly any speech and never been away from home.

I threw up every day for 2 weeks!! New things are very stressful to me, and he is the same way. I just try to bottle mine up so he doesn’t see it and make him more nervous. School was a very hard transition for him..crying pretty much the entire time he was at school.

It was scary for us both. He was in such a new environment without his “translator”, and I had to let go of my control and hand it to someone else.

We made it through the year, and the next year things were much better. He went to Developmental/General Ed Kindergartens, and then to General Ed First and Second grades. He is now in Third grade and no longer in Speech Class (as of last year), and each year behavior is getting better and better.

So now I no longer throw up when he goes to school, and he no longer cries all day when he is there! It’s progress!


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  1. Comment by Amber K.:

    I’m so glad you both made it through the first year and the next was better! I cried for a week when my son started school. He cried for the first 4 years; that was very tough on us all.
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    • dealinanddishin
      Comment by dealinanddishin:

      It’s been a process, and at times didn’t think it would ever get better. Slowly but surely things have improved, and I think some of that is him getting older and able to control the emotions and outbursts more. Now I have the 4 year old Girl is so very emotional and it is exhausting.

  2. Comment by Gena:

    Oh my goodness! That sounds so awful! I had a super hard time just leaving my three year old at daycare for 3 hours, twice a week! I’m sure it’s so hard when they can’t fully verbalize what they’re feeling, too. :( So glad the situation is better now!! poor thing!
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    • dealinanddishin
      Comment by dealinanddishin:

      It was pretty bad then. Now it seems like a lifetime ago and I can’t remember how bad it was some days. I try remember that with everything we go through with kids that it seems like it’s never going to get better, but it does or we just learn to accept and deal with it easier.

  3. Comment by Tahlia B.:

    My daughter is only 17 months and this scares me. I’ve had severe separation anxiety in the past so I am not looking forward to the day she goes off on her own. As hard as it is, it sounds like it gets better with time and progress is good! Thank you for sharing your story.
    Tahlia B. recently posted…Week in Freebies 1/21/13My Profile

    • dealinanddishin
      Comment by dealinanddishin:

      It does depend on the child. I have opposites here. I could barely leave the house if he saw me he’d be upset. The Girl is “Bye! I’m big girl” and off to Preschool she hug nothing! That does hurt in it’s own way, but I’m glad she’s not scared of new things.

  4. Comment by Darcy:

    Oh that would have been rough for me too! It doesn’t sound like he was ready for that yet..they really add a lot of new things at once. Glad it’s gotten better though!
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    • dealinanddishin
      Comment by dealinanddishin:

      He was ready academically. He knew the Alphabet by site at 2, but the language was a big hinderance and frustration for him. This was a way for him to continue to get the much needed therapy since he had aged out of the therapy at home. There were therapists, teachers, aides, and psychologists who all dealt with him. This was a very structured environment specifically for kids with special needs.

  5. Comment by mryjhnsn:

    Holy cow that is hard! I think if it was that stressful I would have waited another year so kudos, mama, for sticking to it!
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    • dealinanddishin
      Comment by dealinanddishin:

      Being able to see where he is now almost 7 years later I don’t regret it, and he doesn’t remember it other than snacks they had there. He had to keep up with the Speech therapy, and it made things work better being in the school system then. Now they have all records and know his full history.
      He didn’t start kindergarten until he was 6 as it was so I would’ve been afraid it would have slowed him down more and then we would’ve lost more time dealing with behavior. Here he had lots of one on one attention to work through that.
      My daughter is in Speech now as well, for articulation help. I know I figure out what they need so they don’t have to say it or say it correctly and that’s where I needed someone else stepping in so they had to learn to communicate for themselves.

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