My son made an Easter Bunny Cake adapted from this Bunny Butt Cake I found in our Betty Crocker calendar and thought it would be pretty easy and super cute for our Cub Scout Cake Bake. Also it would be great for Easter!bunny butt cake

I bought a ball pan set at Hobby Lobby. It is two half circles with a ring you sit them in to stand while they bake. I have a bunch of ideas for future cakes with these guys. If you grease and flour them the cake just falls right out!ball pan set

Our limits for the Cake Bake was no more thanĀ one box of mix and 30 minutes to ice and decorate it.

I made 4 cupcakes, filled 1 half circle a little over half, and then poured the rest in a 9 inch square pan to bake. I wrapped each piece in plastic wrap and froze them. I heard it is easier to ice a frozen cake.

We changed up ours some.

1. No ears. He’s going down a hole didn’t think we’d need ears.
2. No coconut grass. The Hubs didn’t like the idea. I had crushed graham crackers for dirt, but forgot to pack them..Oops!
3. Changed out carrots for Cadbury candy eggs. I didn’t know how to make carrots, and the eggs were ready to go.

My hubby and son did the cake together. I was running the event that day.

They put the square down on the plate. Attached the “body” with some icing. bodyThe tail and feet were made from 3 cupcakes they cut down. Toothpicks were used to hold them on. They iced it all and put coconut on it. coconut
The feet were Pink Lemondade Air Heads. The guys put turned the feet up compared to the Betty Crocker one so it’s more like he’s down the hole.

It turned out really cute, and did win the Holiday category (he was the only one in that category, but still it was cute!)
Holiday Theme Cake Bake Winner
It took people a minute to “get” what it was, and then they would have the “oh yeah!” reaction.

I am torn on adding ears when I make it again. I still think I will leave them off. I like it being his butt up in the air. The boy liked it because it had “butt” in the title. He’s 9!

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