You will have downtime during the Cake Bake when voting is happening, raffle tickets being sold and need something for the Scouts to do. If not a group of bored boys will be running all over the place, and with cakes a big mess could happen. Here are some Cub Scout Cake Bake activities you could do, and more cake ideas.

Ideas for Cake Bake activities

Neckerchief Slide
This is a good one at any Scout event, but I woud do it every other year. Boys won’t want 5 Cake Bake slides. Slide ideas for Cake Bake would be the obvious cake. You could use wooden rectangle or half circle to deocrate and glue on PVC pipe. One thing I don’t see often at events is making a Pack slide. Buy wood cut out numbers for your Pack and color them and attach to PVC.

Cake decorating demonstration
Our local grocery store agreed to come in and demonstrate how to make icing dogs, dinosaurs, flowers, and footballs on cupcakes. That was a great filler when we were doing raffle tickets and organizing awards.

Ingredient Challenge Game
Another activity I had come up with in case I couldn’t get a bakery to come was an ingredient challenge. I was inspired by the blind taste test Gordon Ramsay does on Hell’s Kitchen, but no tasting with this.

Get small plastic bowls with or without lids and put in a various of baking ingredients. The boys can smell, shake, or touch the ingredient (keep hand sanitizer at end) and will try to identify what it is. I thought a poster board with the ingredients on it to make it a little easier.

Ingredients you could  use: Flour, Sugar, Salt, Cinnamon, Powder Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda. Baking powder and baking soda would be really tough ones. I thought to be fun add Garlic Powder or Onion Powder since it looks like the others. It can be a “trick question”

Cake Ideas

Here are some Cake Bake ideas I found on Pinterest while looking for ideas for my son.

Here are more that I saw at our event and tried to find links for.

There were some really great ideas! These were all done with one box of cake mix.

My favorites were

1. Bunny going down a hole (Holiday Theme)

2. Fish cupcakes. The scales are M&M’s and the back fin is fruit slice candy (Raingutter Regatta/water Theme)

3. Ivory Soap Bar carved into a bear (Scout Theme). In the Bear Handbook there is an example of a bear you can carve to complete Achievement 19 Shavings and Chips

4. Bullseye. A round cake, with three colors of icing piped on top to make a bullseye, and then real arrows put into it. (picture is similar idea)

5. Fried Egg. Cake is baked flat (probably on cookie sheet) and some extra of the mix is bake to be a mound in the middle (I would use a tart pan or stack some more flat pieces and shape). Ice the big part white and small mound yellow. (Could not find a picture of this)

6. Lego Bricks. Rectangular cake pieces with marshmallows cut in half as the pegs of the bricks.

7. Pizza. This was great. They even used a pizza box for it. Bake your cake in a disposable pizza pan (not a whole mix), and topped with red icing, fruit roll up pepperoni, and Nestle Crunch clusters for sausage. They did look like sausage! (Variations of that)

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