I bought some ham to make potato soup (super delicious if I say so myself). I had extra and wanted to freeze it.

My Mom always taught me that you should use Freezer Paper (comes in a box like Aluminum foil, but it’s wider and a white paper that’s waxy on one side) to keep food better.

I could lie and say I didn’t have any Freezer Paper, but I did. It’s on the very top shelf of the pantry behind the chips. I really didn’t want to get the chair and try to wedge it in here for two small packets.

Freezer Paper is above the top shelf you see on the right

I know it’s a mess. I’ve resorted to storing the
PopTart stash in the office closet along with cereal and sodas.

Our Schnucks finally had double and triple coupons..my kids are Poptart fiends.

I looked down and saw…brown paper lunch bags!! Why not?? The main thing is to get another layer. So I tossed in a baggie of ham, taped it down, and wrote “Ham”..done!

So if you truly don’t have Freezer Paper the next time you are freezing something think about lunch bags.

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