because prompts are funA day in the life of a stay at home mom

A day in the life of me, a stay at home mom, starts at 6:45 am and ends around 9:30 pm unless I have a sick child. This was my Monday.

The Girl started feeling bad Sunday, but Monday morning she was a little perky and we had a few errands to do. Normally I would not go out, but I had a key from school I had to return. Then the hardware store, because the light broke in the pantry. The pantry is a death trap as is, and now it’s a dark one. We popped in the resale shop for a few minutes while she was feeling good, but that’s when the “red flag” showed up..The Cough. You know what cough I mean! The grab a bucket kind of cough.

When the Girl (or Boy) is sick I cater to them and let them eat/drink pretty much what they want. I made her eggs and bacon for lunch, which is her favorite. She started running a temp again so gave her a little tyenol. The Cough started becoming more present.  That kicked in and there came lunch with it. Luckily throwing up doesn’t freak her out, and I had warning so the trashcan was there!

Rest of day was pretty quiet with her laying around. I worked on the blog some and finally did the bills that have been sitting since Friday. The Boy came home so helped him with homework and studying for his Health test about exercise. She perked up with him home.

Made dinner for the kids while the Hubs was a dinner meeting. Made my dinner around 7 (I’ve about given up on eating a normal time) and then it was nighttime routines.

Got everyone to bed, and I was sleeping so good until…that blasted Cough! So throw off the blankets, sprint to her room, and grab the trashcan. This started at 2 am and continued every half hour (right when I would be about to doze off) until she finally threw up 3:30am. I was ready to give up on sleep at this point. I was on “high alert” for warning signs of The Cough approaching,  but it seemed to finally stop. I tossed and turned and listened until almost 4:30 when sleep came back until the Hubs alarm went off at 5 and the Girl was up on a potty break. But then there was a whole hour and half of uninterrupted sleep, and now my day has started anew at 6:45 am (Girl up at 7:30) to end who knows when. This is definitely not a 9-5 type of job!

I joined Tales from the Nursery and iNeed a Playdate for this writing prompt.

This week’s theme: Introduction

Prompt Choices

In 500 words or less introduce us to your life.

Tell your intro story using pictures.

Tell the story behind your blog.

Last week’s prompt theme: Hard

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