I wanted to make a fun cupcake for Thanksgiving so of course turkeys are what came to mind. Here we have Turkey Cupcakes everyone will “gobble” up (hee hee..get it??)

We used chocolate frosting, large marshmallows, Reese’s Pieces, and Fruit by the Foot (fruit roll up)

Once the cakes were baked, cooled, and frosted (plus the kids’ hands cleaned) we got to work.

The marshmallows cut in half pretty easily with a sharp knife. Place them sticky side down on your cupcake.

Use a little frosting as “glue” for the Reese’s Pieces pupils.

Tuck an orange Reese’s Piece as the beak. Then take about an inch of the Fruit by the Foot and just play with it until you get a “Gobble” shape and put that on.

Tada…Turkey Cupcakes!! They didn’t stand a chance with my kids..10 minutes and the turkeys were history.

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