Bottle Cap Turkeysbottlecapturkeys1

I’ve been saving my bottlecaps  thinking I would figure out something to do with them.

With it being almost Thanksgiving and The Girl wanting “make something” I grabbed them and dug through my craft tote. I have all kinds of thing I buy on clearance or in the dollar section of stores for future projects.

I grabbed some feathers, craft paint, brushes, google eyes, little wood blocks, and scrap craft foam. Other great options would be popsicle sticks or even cardboard for attaching the turkey.

The bottle caps have been spray painted white to help making painting easier. I got out the paper plates, brush, and squirt of paint for each kid.

How to paint these caps without paint covered hands?

First brush some paint in a circle on the plate,
Second put the cap upside down on it and you can smear it around a bit. Ta da painted cap top.

Leave it in place and they can paint the sides without it slipping around everywhere. (or hold it still by putting their finger in the cap)

After the sides are painted flip them over to dry. Some more paint could be added to the tops, but I liked the look of them.

They picked out feathers and blocks for their turkeys while we waited for the paint to dry.

The blocks are hot glued together.

Feathers can be a pain to keep stuck on an vertical surface so I go with hot glue.

After the paint was dry I hot glued the eyes onto the bottlecaps. The kids cut beaks out of craft foam. I freehanded the “gobble” and cut those out. Glued those on the heads and there was our turkey face. Watch how low you put your “gobble”. It can make it a little tough to stand if too low.

Next glue the head on the body on the opposite side as the feathers and you’ve got a turkey you can put out as decoration.

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