I’m learning to sew and really wanted to make costumes this year, but I knew with two kids there was no way I could handmake two costumes from scratch.

My son wanted to be a werewolf. Sounded easy enough. I was concerned about the face, but luckily found a mask at CVS for $5 that fit the bill. I think added these cool black gloves with plastic nails for $10 at Target. There are lights under the nails that rotate colors!

I remembered there was a pair of jeans that the knee ripped out of last year that I hadn’t tossed. We also had a shirt that was a little small, and it had the logo of my husband’s company’s former name on it.

All I really needed was fur. Fur is not cheap! At Jo Ann Fabrics…my fabric heaven!! I could go there every day and buy more fabric, which is why I limit my visits. On the trip to get fur I got about 10 yards of other fabrics too..I’m addicted, but they are all sooooo pretty!! I love them all!!
Anyway back to fur. Mine was $14.99 a yard regular price. It was on sale for $10.49 and then I had a 20% off coupon so about $8.39 a yard. I bought just one yard.

My original plan was to make fur sleeves (really they are just a tube and then handsewn to the t-shirt), sew fur over the logo, and then out of the knee hole.

I then thought I could add some to the bottom of the shirt so it looked like he was outgrowing the outfit. I also sewed flaps at the bottom of his jeans for the same effect, and it covers the shoes a bit. A yard was plenty, and I probably have a 1/3 to 1/2 left.


A heavy duty needle! I snapped mine in three places.
Make cuts in the shirt to tuck the fur in and sew from behind so it coming out of the shirt and not on top of it.
Same goes for jeans try to sew from behind.
Sleeves..I just measured width of t-shirt sleeve, doubled, added a half inch for seam. I measured a long sleeve and took difference to get length.
Sewing fur on a machine fur side up is a pain at times..the fur will cathc on the sewing foot. So keep aware!
Get your vacuum..this stuff sheds when you cut it. Cut then pull off the edge of tufts, and later vacuum the tiny hairs.
This was for a 9 year old, but could easily be done for an adult.

Here he is..Werewolf Boy! Cost about $21 and took about 2 hours!

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