My 4 year old wanted to be Peso from Octonauts. Took me a bit to figure out who that was, but I was relieved to see he was a penguin. I was also working on a werewolf costume for my son at the same time. You could live off the “Peso” parts and have a basic penguin costume.

My favorite thing to use for a costume is sweatshirt jacket. I made an elephant years ago for my son (I need to find the pics). A main reason I love it is the ease of removing part of the costume if the child gets hot, and that it’s all one piece.

So off to Walmart to find a black jacket plus some black pants for my girl. I had white fleece already from a Snowman game I made last Christmas and other bits of fleece that they sell at Dollar Tree (they have a variety of craft them!!).

I measured the jacket front, and drew out a rectangle on paper. I rounded the top to give the penguin belly look. I cut it down the middle and then lined it up on either side of the zipper.

The next part is time consuming, but if I want to reuse this jacket it had to be done. All pieces are handsewn on the jacket! I used embroidery floss and lightly stitched around the fleece. Don’t forget to go around the pockets so they can still be used.

Later saw on a pic that Peso has a collar too. I used some blue fleece, hand sewed some points on in fleece (those make his helmet go up so I’m told by my daughter), and then hand attached that to the jacket.

The hardest parts of this was locating the medic bag and the hat.

Neither the party stores of the craft stores sell kid sized sailor hats here. We found a foam nurse hat at JoAnn’s, but then she decided that wasn’t right. Party City had an adult sailor hat so that was my only option.

The hat has the logo, which I used Word to draw. I use the shapes and it takes some time, but it’s been how I’ve been making my sleep masks patterns too. I’m getting pretty good at it if I say so myself. The hat also has a blue border. I wasn’t sure what to do on that until I saw my pipe cleaners. I took two, and tacked them by hand in a few spots and then where they don’t quite meet in front I sewed the logo on. Once I figured out placement on the hood of the jacket I sewed it on the top just so it doesn’t fall off.

Hint: To protect the paper I just covered it front and back with clear packing tape, and I sewed right through it. It do good, but you’ll have a sticky needle.

The medic bag I ended up using craft foam from Dollar Tree, paper, packing tape, and pipe cleaners.
I cut the foam in half, and then wrapped it like a present in white paper. I stuck on the (also made in Word), and then covered it all in the clear packing tape. The handle is made from pipe cleaners that are just taped down. It’s super light so doesn’t need a lot of reinforcement, plus I already know she won’t be carrying it very long.

The jacket and the pants were about $15, but are reusable and will be part of her wardrobe.

The hat was around $5 and will become part of the dress up box.
The bag was $1 for the foam, and the pipe cleaners were all from one $1 pack that I used about a quarter of= $1.25

The felt was from my own leftovers except the blue that was from a $1 package of 10 or 12= $1 total (probably)

String/floss…no idea. I always have it on hand.

At most $25 for everything, but more than half will be reused. The pants you wouldn’t have to buy at all if you already had black ones.

One very happy daughter, who gets to be her favorite character for Halloween!

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