I’m a very standard picture taker. “You stand here, and you stand there. Hold still. Say Cheese!” Done! Now that the kids are getting older and listen (sometimes) better we can experiment a litlte more.

Last night was Boo at the Zoo here. This is a favorite thing we do each year. We don’t live in a neighborhood so it’s somewhere safe the kids can trick or treat, and being in the zoo at night is cool.

I took the basic picture of the kids in costume (werewolf and Peso from Octonauts).

My hubby says get the camera ready and then tells the Werewolf (our son) to go scare his sister. I snapped away as fast I could and ended up with some cute pictures. It was a little tough to get the full story, but Peso (our daughter) fights back! He had a great idea to do some fun pics. I need to have more fun with the camera instead of just documenting every life event.

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