So this year we have a drought and personal fireworks ban after a month of no rain and having triple digit temperatures so had to find some ideas for the kids to celebrate the 4th of July without the fireworks.

Cupcakes are a great idea and easy. Just a box mix and some food coloring and there you go!

Source: via Rosa on Pinterest

I tried the same idea with cookies. I found white chocolate chips in the pantry (they were for an experiment in chocolate covered pretzels that never happened).

Crafts are a good way to go also. (I have not done any of these listed below. I am getting these from sites or books listed. I plan to the rocket and the sandwich boom for sure tomorrow and will post my results then. If you try these let me know in the comments how it worked for you.)

I can’t say enough how much I love! Membership is free and there are tons of printable worksheets, acitivities, and games to do with your kids based on age or academic focus. (Membership may be required to see the link)

I printed up

It’s a simple rocket for kids to cut out, a rubberband is attached, and when you push it down over a toilet paper roll and let it should “launch”.

Another idea we had for something more explosive is the standard mentos/diet soda fountain

or this from my son’s book Weird Science from Scholastic (this was a kit with items needed for the experiments)
Sandwich Baggie Boom…..DO THIS OUTSIDE!! (book says or in bathtub..I say outside..better safe than havingĀ a big mess to clean up)


Empty sandwich bag with air-tight seal at the top
1/2 cup of vinegar
2 Tbsp. baking soda
2 connected squares of toilet paper

Take the toilet paper, lay it down flat and put the baking soda on one square. Then fold the other square over top…making a “sandwich”.

Pouot the vinegar in the sandwich bag, pick up the toilet paper/baking soda “sandwich” by the open end and drop in bag. SEAL IT IMMEDIATELY!!! Drop the bag on the ground outside or in bathtub.

Step back and watch it fill with gas and then go BOOM!

Hope this gives you some fun ideas for ways to celebrate on the 4th of July! Have a safe and fun holiday!

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