I’m helping with my daughter’s Preschool Easter party. The teacher said we could do an egg hunt, so I thought for the craft part of the party they could make an Easter egg basket.
I found the template on Crayola (LOVE this site) and blew it up on my copier about 130% until I could fit it on the page as big as possible.

I printed these on cardstock, took craft foam sheets from Dollar Tree and cut into strips for the handles, and have foam stickers from Dollar Tree to decorate the baskets. The size I made it will hold 2 large eggs or 3 small, so it should work out great with 14 kids to tell them when they fill their basket they’re done.

The baskets are very inexpensive ($3 out of pocket for me)..the stickers were $1 a bag, the stack of foam sheets $1, I always have cardstock, the eggs $1.99, and then it’s the candy (great sales on that).

The kids can color the sheet, then you help then fold it according to the dotted lines and tape it together, put on some stickers, then an adult staple the handle and it’s hunt time.

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