Wordless Wednesday…Motivation

Motivation!! Hard to get it and hard to keep it when you’re trying to lose weight. My goal this week Tae Bo 3 times..I’m plateauing with weight and this is what helped me the first time lose it the best. I’ve heard an hour can burn 500-800 calories (but I don’t estimate that high..I put 200 for 40 minutes)

Billy Blanks..Love him! He is my favorit, hard but motivating. I can listen to him over and over.

Amplifier Bar….only 3 lbs but after 40 minutes it’s intense

The Goal?? Bikini by 40…just once in my life to wear one and feel good about it in public. I’ve got just over 4 years for this!

SO Lime Swim Separates

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  1. Comment by Cecile:

    This looks like it could be an intense workout! I need to get motivated.

  2. Comment by Mariah:

    I need this kind of inspiration! I really need to get back into the fitness routine!

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