So I was looking for something to do with my now 4 year old Sunday School kids last week. We were learning about flowers, but also it was our last class until after Easter.

I found this
cute centerpiece to make.

I tweaked it (like I seem to always do) to combine the coming holiday and flower lesson.  I searched around for flowers to print out and eggs that I resized in Word to keep them proportionate. I nixed the paint because we have an hour and nice clothes that I don’t want to mess up. I used green plates I had on hand and raided my Christmas  red and green straws I bought for another project (one that didn’t happen) plus some green Easter paper shreds. I avoid the plastic with people have babies and pets.
Fun to watch what kind of flowers the kids make and how they decorate their eggs. I did this with 6 kids (4 girls and 2 boys) and all loved it and were so proud of their centerpieces to take home!

I attach the egg and flower to the long straw end and the drink end to the plate. Bendy straws work great for adjustments later. Tape everything in place (I needed extra tape with these plates being more slick)..a little glue and smoosh the paper down.

and you’ve got a Springy centerpiece.

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