Been a busy week and I needed a Valentine’s party game for my 3-4 year oldĀ  Sunday School kids. A friend said to shoot Q-tips out of drinking straws and see who gets the farthest. I loved the idea, but added a few tweaks and made this quick Valentine’s game, Cupid Challenge.

1. Colored the the Q-tips so their wouldn’t be confusion if multiple kids were going at the same time. I had my 3 and 8 year olds do this task!

2. Cut off one of the swab ends…otherwise it wasn’t fitting in my straw

3. Cut out some hearts and a saying to mark how far they got.
“Sharp Shooter” “What a Shot!” “Future Cupid”

A little masking tape to secure the hearts and sayings and you could make a line if needed and there you go..Valentine’s game all done. Greatest part…it’s all things you have at home, and you can change it up more by changing out hearts for a basket or container to shoot for. Both of my kids (my at home guinea pigs) enjoyed it!

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