So the New Year is hereĀ and thoughts turn to resolutions. I’m not a huge believer in making resolutions, because to me like diets you have a hard time keeping them. I believe in Lifestyle Changes.

I’ve been falling back into bad eating habits with Christmas and life stresses, but am hoping to get back to that when I get life more in order (as much as any can).

So, I’m going to be posting on a variety of areas that cause us stress in our lives. Organizing is a broad topic so first area I’m going to hit is organizing bills!
I’ve been guilty of missing a bill and paying a late fee just because I had no system..that’s a $30 mistake and headache I don’t want to make every month.

First thing you need a place to store all your bill items together. I use a basket from the dollar section. I store the bills, stamps, return address stamper, and bill notebook all in it.

Second a notebook for writing all your information down. I use these 5×7 notebooks from Staples, but you could use a single subject one and they can be as low as ten cents during back to school sales. I also love a year at a glance calendar…my doctor’s office had free ones they were giving away. You could print one also or do a Google search for many other options. I tape that to one of the first pages for quick reference.

Third record all the due dates for your bills on one of the first pages of your notebooks.
Also type up a list using Notepad, Word, or whatever you have. You can fit up to four on a page if you can use columns. You’ll need one for each month.

Fourth put it together. Tape in your calendar and a bill check list on each page. Write the month above and any special bills that may be due that License Plate Renewal.
Then the bottom of page you can write down the dates you get paid that month and what bills should come out of each check. Mark off each bill as it’s paid on top and you should be in order.

This helps me especially with Mortgage, which is due at the very beginning of the month and depending how paycheck falls I may have to budget it out the end of the previous month. It takes a lot of pressure off when you have to sit down and starting doing your bills if you already have it all scheduled. I like to do the whole month at once.

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