With busy schedules making meals can be tough and eating out too much can be bad for the wallet and waistline so I’m a fan of big batch cooking.
So far it works best with chicken and vegetable soup.
I love chicken because of the variety of things you can do, fairly inexpensive, and low calorie for a protein. I have learned just baking chicken and freezing it doesn’t yield the best results. It is a little “chickeny” tasting..doesn’t reheat great on its own, but in a sauce or broth…it does great!
What I love is that I have the main course of the meal done and just need a quick side. Knorr rice/noodle packages work great or Hungry Jack instant mashed potato packs. You can use this when you write out your weekly menu or just have on hand for an emergency substitution!

So here is an example of what I do on a day when I can stay home for a few hours to get it all done!
Need…boneless skinless chicken (whatever was best deal), taco seasoning, bbq sauce (sale item), flour, bouillon cubes/granules, spices, and instant potato mix…great for thickening soups etc.
These are probably not low sodium recipes and I was told by a reader that heating in this plastic containers isn’t good to do. I’m not sure about that, but they are great for freezing in..you could thaw in fridge and use a separate bowl or pan for heating.
Baked a 6 pound bag of Sam’s boneless skinless chicken breast 4 oz.=100
calories bag=$9.98

I forgot to take a picture of all the chicken after I spent about 45 minutes
ripping it into pieces but got 2.6 lbs of meat. You could get more, but I’m
super picky about any fatty bits!

Then it was time to get everything cooking.


1. Chicken and Dumplings..super easy
the dough is just 1 cup of flour, seasoned with enough broth so it’s like a pie crust consistency..then roll it out and drop them in when broth on stove is boiling.
My broth is just chicken bouillon granules (generic of course) and water..1 tsp=1 cup and I like it better than the canned broth. A little onion in the broth for flavor and add the chicken after dumplings are done…I did a double batch so that was dinner for two
nights! It’s only 20 calories per ounce!!


To thicken I add 2/3 cup instant mashed potato, which may have been a little
much. It was pretty solid on leftover day!


2. Chicken with BBQ sauce. I don’t make my own sauce..just use whatever
bottled type I like and alter it. I used a bottle of sauce, added a little
ketchup to cut the smokiness and water to make it go further :)Only 41
calories an ounce!

Chicken Taco Meat
I use two packages of Taco seasoning and however much water you feel like.
This one takes the longest to cook down and for the chicken to absorb the
flavors, which is why I use two packs. Besides taco seasoning is crazy cheap :)
30 calories per ounce!


Add some rolls for dinner (they flattened on me some). Dough courtesy of my
beloved bread machine!

Other than A LOT of clean up and two rounds of the dishwasher plus a few
sinkfuls for dishes..it was all done and ready to be packaged.

I love the reusable containers lunch meat comes in. They are top rack safe
for dishwasher and freeze great. (be careful when reheat..I’ve lost a few to
melting in the microwave).


So I have enough for 10 meals (round about)

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