My kids love going to Burger King, and my 3 year old especially loves the crowns! She is afterall a princess (in her head and for Halloween)

We finished getting her Cinderella costume, but the crowns were either too tight or $12 so she was going to go without until I really looked at the BK crown (girls’ version). It has a really nice shape. I thought maybe some paint and sticky jewels, and it fits really well and adjustable we may have a winner!

So I had two crowns I spray painted white for basecoat. I found chrome Krylon in the garage so decided to do one silver and the other she was going to do light blue, and I painted the back sides silver.

I bought jewels and lost them and went to Wal-mart and bought more. I got some with sticky backs (so so much easier) and other value packs I used superglue one (dangerous but I managed to not stick my fingers together)

I think they both turned out great! She loved making hers and now has two options for being Cinderella! I have an idea of which one she’ll pick..

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