I love cleaning wipes..they are faster and use less paper towels than traditional spray and wipe methods, but they are not cheap!

Let’s compare..

I bought a 80 count Lysol Disinfecting Wipes at CVS for $5 (Sale Price)


Now I’m going to make my own

You need a container that is big enough for half a roll of paper towels to stand up in. I use this Rubbermaid 3 Qt. Container. I’ve had it a long time but it was about $4. My Mom uses old gallon ice cream buckets..Free!

You need a good sturdy paper towel and I’ve found that Viva is a good option but my favorite are the Scott Shop Towels

I buy these at Sam’s in 12 packs for $16.88 but you can buy them at Wal-mart in smaller packs, but I believe per roll Sam’s had the better deal and if you are planning on using these all the time it doesn’t hurt to have a stock of them.


Then you need your cleaner…I use Mr. Clean. I buy it by the gallon also at Sam’s for $6.48. I use it for mopping, cleaning wipes, and I make my own cleaning spray. Also Lysol is a great choice and you can pick what scent you like.


So for the container cut an “X” on lid. This holds your towels in place while you pull them out but without losing moisture.

Cut your paper towels in half (bread knife works best)

Place them in the container

Next pour in 1/2 cup Mr. Clean and then 2-2 1/2 cups water. I find with 2 1/2 I have liquid leftover on the bottom but the towels are still sturdy.

Then just wait while it absorbs the liquid.

Now just pull out the cardboard tube and feed the first towel (start from the inside) through the top and you are ready to go!


Excluding the price of the container these wipes are

.70 for the half roll of paper towels

.20 for the 1/2 cup of Mr. Clean

and the water..I can’t figure that one 🙂

but under $1 for the wipes!!!!!

Per wipe that is under 2 cents each for the homemade ones compared to the Lysol ones that are 6 cents each!

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